Calling a plumber to clear blocked pipes can be expensive, and inconvenient, and no-one wants to add to the world-wide "Fatburg" crisis  that is clogging up our drainage systems.

Introducing a brilliant innovation for anyone wondering how best to dispose of used cooking fat,
Deep-Fat Fixer™
is an almost magical powder that transforms liquid cooking oils into a solid, easy-to-deal-with ‘brick’ that can be popped straight into your household waste bin.

Despite its name, it’s not just for deep fat fryers and chip pans; anyone who cooks with tempura batter or does a bit of shallow frying from time to time will recognise the problem too.

Turns used oil to a solid - Three simple steps:

1. Stir into still-warm cooking oil.

2. Wait for the fat to cool fully.

3. Lift the resulting ‘brick’ of caked oil out of your pan or fryer, and tip it into a bin bag for disposal in your general waste bin.

Deep-Fat Fryer
Use 1/2 - 1 Sachet
Chip Pan
Use 1/2 Sachet
Wok or Frying Pan
Use 1/4 Sachet

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